At the age of seven, Robin Schoen became obsessed with makeup and the amazing transformation process that occurs when a few strategically placed colors are applied to a face.

Throughout her teen years, Robin studied fashion magazines as if they were school books and practiced her skills on her closest friends and family. In the mid eighties, Robin traveled to Europe, which she describes as the pinnacle of her career. For 2 1/2 years, she resided in Milan and Paris, cities that, at that time, were at their height of creativity and inspiration in the fashion industry. It was there that Robin immersed herself in the culture and ultimately honed her skills to directly reflect the true essence of the women there. This sort of raw and "undone" sensibility resonated with Robin and, ever since, she has refined her technique to reflect this ideal. Skin that looks immaculate yet transparent, using primarily creamy and luminous textures to "add light" to the face, and seamlessly melting makeup into the skin so it practically disappears. These are just a few examples of Robin's application preferences.

For 27+ years, Robin continues to paint the faces of some of the world's most recognizeable women and has created exclusive makeup looks for prestigious cosmetic campaigns, beauty and fashion editorial magazines, designer runway shows, and commercials. In addition, Robin has been honored to teach 6 Master Classes for MAC Cosmetics as well as lecturing at MUD (Makeup Designory School) in NYC.